Foreign Trade

Eximbank Loans

These are the loans granted for export companies or export-oriented firms by Turkish Export Bank Inc. (Eximbank) for developing export. Our Bank provides intermediate trade for the loans issued by Turkish Export Credit Bank (Eximbank). These loans may be used as Turkish Lira or foreign currency, and are subject to exclusions of taxes, duties, fees and funds.

Country Loans

Hermes/Coface/Sace/Erg and likewise institutions are Export Credit Agencies established for providing country loans and promotes the export of investment goods of the country they reside in. ECAs aim to increase the exports made in their country. To this end, they provide mid-term credits to importers outside of their country for purchase of goods. Halkbank serves SMEs that will conduct import operation from these countries by providing country loans.

Export Credits

These are the loans issued to SMEs that take part in foreign exchange earning activities as spot, revolving and installment based credits for the financing of the export and to cover for the financial need that emerges before delivery, provided that import commitment is met.


These are the loans provided by firms from sellers abroad or international markets to be used in import financing and issued via Halkbank.