Investment Products

Investment Funds

Investments funds create a high earning option that may be instantly converted into cash without any maturity limitation. 
Investment fund transactions may be performed in our Bank on workdays between 09:00-16:30, and purchase/sale of participation certificate may be made via Dialog (Telephone), ATM, Wap and Internet Branch in non-workdays.


If you have 150 TL or more money in your current deposit account, Fon24 account will use the money by purchasing B-Type Liquid Investment Fund (Fon7) on behalf of you. Because Fon24 will perform all your banking transactions such as credit card, billing and other regular payments by cashing sufficient amount of Type B Liquid Investment Fund (Fon7) in a timely fashion.

Domestic Government Bonds

These are the one-year and longer-term domestic bonds that Secretariat of Treasury exports in order to meet the needs of long-term borrowing. It is exported with or without coupons. The ones with coupon should make coupon payments usually in every 3 or 6 months.
Treasury Bills and Government Bonds are investment instruments with high liquidity and are under guarantee by Secretariat of the Treasury. According to the market conditions, they may be converted into cash without waiting for the end of maturity date.
Government bond buying - selling operations are carried out between the hours of 09:00 to 15:30 in our Branches.

Bank Bills and Bonds

Bank bonds are the securities that the banks export as borrowers and sell with discount. On the other hand, -private sector bonds are securities exported with a discount and a coupon that have a maturity date longer than a year.
Generally, bank bills/bonds provide higher incomes compared to treasury bills/bonds.


Eurobonds are rather medium and long-term bonds exported by corporations/companies or governments abroad in a currency other than their own, in order to provide funding.
Eurobond buying - selling operations are performed between the hours of 10:00 to 15:30 in our Branches. 


It is a short-term financial instrument that persons and institutions use to make use of their cash surpluses. It refers to sale of a value at a certain date with the promise of buy-back at a certain ratio. The security subject to the transaction is collateral for the loaned money.
With the automatic repo instruction you may give to our branches, your transaction is performed as much as your balance on a regular basis.
Repo transactions are performed via Halkbank Branches, 444 0 400 Halkbank Dialog and Halkbank Internet Branch from 10:00 to 15:30.


It is the transaction of purchase/sale of an asset for a future date at a price set in the present time. While these transactions are used for speculative purposes, it is mostly used by foreign trade firms to eliminate / manage the currency risk. Forward transactions may be performed at our branches during working hours.


Option is the right to buy or sell the product subject to contract for a future date at a price set in the present day.
The person who purchases the option with a certain fee (option premium) will make a decision regarding the buying / selling of the product at the end of the maturity date. On the other hand, the seller of the option is obliged to buy / sell the product in case of a demand.
Option transactions may be carried out at our branches during working hours.


Usually, it is a product that is used to avoid the changes in interest and currency. Most frequently used types of swap, which means the trade of assets, are Money and Interest swaps. While the exchange of capitals is the issue in money swaps, only interest payments are exchanged in interest swaps.
Swap transactions may be performed at our branches during working hours.

Secured Option

It is an option transaction that a savings owner who finds interest of deposit money / deposits low and wants to increase interest income makes with the bank by exhibiting his time deposit as collateral.
Customer sells the right to convert his time deposits to another currency to the bank on a price determined in option agreement, and the bank pays premiums to the customer in exchange for this right.
Secured option transactions may be performed at our branches during working hours.