With Halkbank’s Safety Deposit Box service, you can keep your valuable belongings and documents safe in one of the safety deposit boxes that are available in various sizes. Thus, you no longer worry about theft and keep your valuables with you for as long as you want.

One-time deposit fee in the amount of the annual rental fee is charged for the safety deposit box.

The annual rental fee varies according to the size and the time of the safety deposit box you rent it.

Safety-Deposit Box Annual Fees

Renting out a safe deposit box in a bank in the Halk bank does not mean that the property is automatically insured.

The most options for your bill payments are at Halkbank!

You may pay all your bills for electricity, water, telephone, cell phone, natural gas, internet, cable TV, etc. from Halkbank branches, or at Internet Branch, 444 0 400 Dialog, TV Banking or ATMs.

Bill Payment via Internet Branch

You may carry out all these payments instantly from your account by using Halkbank Internet Branch.

All you need to do is to connect to Halkbank Internet Branch and type in your billing information! Without having to give pre-instruction, you may view the bills that you haven’t paid via Halkbank before and pay instantly if you wish.

If you are not a subscriber of Halkbank Internet Branch, you may complete your subscription with your Card information using Enter-with-Card application on or go to the nearest Halkbank Branch to start your subscription

It’s sufficient to give an instruction for regular payments or money transfers...

Apartment dues, school payments of your child, cooperative installments or the installments of furniture or domestic appliances you have bought...

It makes no difference to Taksit24. If you have fixed or variable payments that have pre-determined amounts and dates, or if you do not have time to deposit, or if you want to handle transactions without having to leave your house, just give an automatic payment instruction and let Halkbank track your payments. 

With a single instruction, you will be relieved to track when, where and how much to pay. Taksit24 transfers the payment amount on due date from your account to the account of person or organization you will pay to.

Tax Payments 

All Halkbank Branches are at your service for your tax payments!

You may as well profit from Halkbank conveniences, prevent delay in your payments, save time and work force. Moreover, Halkbank offers low interest rate credit for payments when you need.

You may pay your Motor Vehicle Tax at Halkbank Internet Branch with ease.

HALKBANK is the address of ease for SSK, Bağkur and Retirement Fund premiums...

All HALKBANK branches are at your service for SSK, Bağkur and Retirement Fund premium payments!

All premium types that have been collected by SGK tellers until today will be collected via all our branches ONLINE, within the framework of SGK-MOSİP from now on. You may also pay your SSK, Bağkur premiums via Halkbank Internet Branch without losing time. You may as well profit from Halkbank conveniences, prevent delay in your payments, save time and work force.

Moreover, Halkbank offers low interest rate credit for payments when you need. 

Bordro24 is a contemporary Halkbank service that allows you to handle payments such as salary, bonus, allowance, advance and other payments effortlessly by using Halkbank Bank24s.

Bordro24 system enables the automatic transfer of your salaries into your accounts.

Our bank makes your life easier with this modern, fast and secure application provided via Bank24s.

Conveniences Provided by Bordro24 to Employees

Our bank makes your life easier with this modern, fast and secure application provided via Bank24s.

  • For all your payments such as salary and bonuses, you may use one of almost 3384 Halkbank Bank24s all over Turkey and other banks’ ATMs.
  • You may obtain Paraf Credit Cards without a guarantor.
  • You may use salary advance without guarantor or formalities up to your salary total.
  • You may carry out various banking transactions by subscribing to our services such as Dialog and Internet Branch.
  • You may also benefit from our products such as Abone24 (Subscriber24) and Taksit24 free of charge.

We do not take a single penny as expenditure for automatic rent payments.

As of 11.01.2008, people getting 500 TL and more rent income for each property and those who rent out their workplaces and the collection and payments of the tenants are set to be authenticated mandatorily with the documents issued by the General Directorate of Posts and Telegraphs, and related Income Tax General Declaration was published on 29/07/2008 dated and 26951 numbered Official Gazette. Should the tenants do not comply with legal requirements, they will pay a penalty at least 320 TL and 5% of the subject amount for each transaction for 2008.

We pay your rent every month from your account with Halkbank Automatic Rent Payments.

Give your automatic payment instruction for your rent payments at once and let us track your payments for you!

We do not charge a single penny.

Your single instruction is sufficient for us to send your rent regularly from your account to your landlord’s or workplace owner’s account automatically with EFT or bank transfer.

With the same instruction, we also pay your bills and regular dues from the same account if you wish.

We do not charge any fees for EFT, money order, or account maintenance.*

You may issue your instructions from all our branches. After you give the instruction, you may change the date of payment and the amounts as you wish.

You may easily follow your payments with e-mails which will be sent to you regularly or with the receipts that will be sent to your address with mail. You may also receive your receipt yourself by coming to our branches if you wish.

We keep your receipts for a year in our Bank’s system.

* Our Bank reserves the right to charge expenses and commissions in all automatic payments performed via EFT or transfer.

You can automatically pay your electricity, telephone, mobile phone, water, natural gas, cable TV and Digitürk bills with just a single payment order. With Halkabank Automatic Payment Order, you don’t need  to track of your bills. Furthermore, with Overdraft Account, your bills are paid even if you don't have money in your account.

You can place an automatic payment order through Halk Bank Branches and  the Bill Orders step of the Bill Payments menu in Internet Banking.

If you have an Overdraft Account, it means that you have available credit limit to make bill, installment and rent payments even if you don't have money in your account. When you deposit money into your account, the amount borrowed is automatically paid off and you only pay interest for the duration that you have remained indebted.

Make your donations at Halkbank and get comfortable...In order to donate, all you need to is stop by at the nearest Halkbank Branch, or call 0850 222 0 400 / 444 0 400 Halkbank Dialog or access Halkbank Internet Branch. You may donate to the specified institutions mentioned below.

You may deposit all fees for examinations conducted by ÖSYM and MEB at Halkbank.

You may also use our Internet Branch for the examinations conducted via MEB and ÖSYM.

Halkbank do not charge any fees for this service offered via Internet Branch.

Producers that will sell their yield to Soil Products Office!

Deliver your yield to TMO with your HALKBANK-TMO card, and get comfortable when receiving product price.

If you deliver your product to TMO workplaces with your HALKBANK-TMO card, your transactions will be performed fast and faultless. Also, you can receive product prices all across Turkey at our Bank branches or ATMs without having to wait in line with this card.

If you don’t have a card, stopping by at the nearest HALKBANK branch will suffice. After you open a TMO account at our branch, your HALKBANK-TMO card will be delivered to you as soon as possible.