Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Halkbank’s priority missions are satisfaction of customers and respond to the expectations of customers, shareholders, partners and employees with high quality of services. According to our mission all the content, suggestions and comments, which are published  in official web site, are prepared from the information, which is taken from reliable sources and third parties.

All the content, suggestions, ideas and comments published in are for information purposes only, in no way be taken as an offer to sell or buy.

All the content, suggestions, ideas and comments published in is on the accuracy of the information, before acting on the basis of confirmation is recommended.

Only information having to do with product/service transactions or to update existing information may be submitted through the official website.

Necessary precautions have been taken to maintain the highest possible level of bank system and internet infrastructure security as these apply to the confidentiality of our customers’ personal information.

If you provide personal information, (address, e-mail, telephone, fax, demographic information, or customer number, etc.), this information only will be used to send messages about campaigns, announcements and informations. Your personal information, without your consent or permission or legal obligations will not be shared with 3 parties and institutions

If you don't want to receive the announcements, which are sent by T.Halkbank, please click the link, "By Halkbank, you do not want to get special reminder and the e-announcements about campaings, please click here”, which is placed below the announcements.

Web site visitors, enter to or use any information contained in the website, means that the above-mentioned conditions are accepted, T. Halkbank, Inc. both the terms and conditions of this disclaimer, as well as the web site contained any content, opinions and information have the right to change or update without prior notice.

Protection of Personal Data

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-Cookies Policy

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information regarding the matters discussed here.