Deposit Products

E-Deposit: Make use of the opportunities offered by Halkbank Internet Banking and 0850 222 0 400 / 444 0 400  Halkbank Dialog!  Opening a Time Deposit TL and FX account via Halkbank Internet Branch or Halkbank  Dialog enables you to benefit from opening an account without having to go to the branch, without losing time, in a faster and more profitable way, with the advantages provided by Alternative Distribution Channels. 

Deposit Account with Investment Fund: Opportunity for your investments! Both Fund and Deposit!
You may invest in Investment funds and deposits simultaneously with advantageous rates by selecting any of the various fund options. Account is in TL and only intended for individual customers.Term will be used in the range of 32-370 days.
Within the Primery deposit you pay in the bank 20% and 50% of this deposit amount may be used  for Investement Funds purchasing.
As long as Time Deposit Account is active, sale of investment funds will not be done. Investment funds may only be sold at the end of the maturity expiration or in the event of early closure depending on your preference
You may apply to Halkbank branches in order to open a Deposit Account with Investment Fund and learn about advantageous interest rates. 

Growing Child Account: With our Growing Child Account product which is aimed at future clients to meet with our bank and contributing to your children’s saving habits and which provides savings with transfers in certain periods to the accounts you open for your children, you may save minimum 5, maximum 10 years of time deposit savings, In addition, you may increase your savings with the amounts you may deposit to the account in monthly or three-monthly periods.
Your installment payments will be automatically charged to your credit card or current account Halkbank,so you can track it easily.
You can decide your payment amounts yourself that doesnt remain below  50 TL/EUR/USD.
If you open a Growing Child Account you can get your special gift to your child's penny bank. 

Accumulated Deposit Account:  Our Deposits Account with Savings product, which enables savings with amounts deposited in certain periods in long-term, you may save minimum 5 maximum, 10 years of time deposit savings, you may increase your savings with the amounts you may deposit to the account in monthly or three-monthly periods. 

Producing Deposit Account: By using your investments annually or for longer periods, you may receive regular interest income on a monthly, three-monthly or 6-monthly basis.
The account is 1 year and longer term. (Between 365 and 370 days)
The interest rate will not change until the end of the term specified in the account opening.  

Current TL Account: With this account, you may carry out transactions such as EFT, transfer, billing and recurring payments, card payments, and at the same time you may benefit from Open Account offering to cover your instant cash needs. You may open a TL Current Account via Halkbank Internet Branch or Halkbank Dialog. 

Time Deposit TL/FX Account: By choosing the most appropriate maturity, we welcome you to open a Time Deposit TL/FX account at our nearest branch or at Halkbank Internet Branch. 

Current FX Account: You may use your foreign exchange savings whenever you want with your Current FX Account; you may carry out transactions at your Current FX Account via Halkbank Internet Branch, and  Halkbank Dialog for 24 hours a day, and perform EUROBOND transaction by depositing money to your investment account. You may get a Current FX Account opened via Halkbank Internet Branch or Halkbank Dialog.

Current Gold Deposit Account: With Current Gold Deposit Account, you may buy/sell gold using your TL/USD/EUR accounts, provided that it is not less than 1 gram, and with a purity of value of at least 0,995. 

Accumulated Current Gold Deposit Account:  You may increase your savings by depositing monthly or three-monthly amounts by giving Current Gold Deposit Account with Savings instruction.

Safety Deposit Box:  With Halkbank’s Safety Deposit Box service, you can keep your valuable belongings and documents safe in one of the safety deposit boxes that are available in various sizes. Thus, you no longer worry about theft and keep your valuables with you for as long as you want.One-time deposit fee in the amount of the annual rental fee is charged for the safety deposit box.The annual rental fee varies according to the size and the time of the safety deposit box you rent it.
Safety-Deposit Box Annual Fees
*Renting out a safe deposit box in a bank in the Halk bank does not mean that the property is automatically insured.