Internet Banking

  • With the Halkbank Internet Branch, presented to you by Halkbank to ease your life, you may perform all banking transactions easily at home or in your office using your computer. 
  • You may see all your financial information on a single screen with easy-to-use Halkbank Internet Branch, which directs you step by step in every transaction.
  • When you enter the Internet Branch, you can see your account information, payment information, investment and debts on a single screen with a quick glance. Therefore, it is a lot easier to keep track of your personal cash flow from now on.
  • Moreover, you may perform your transactions safely with password methods our bank presents to you such as Şifrebaz/ Şifrebaz Cep or SMS Şifre. (Password Wizard / Mobile Password Wizard or SMS Password.)

Application to The Internet Branch

It is also very easy to start using Halkbank Internet Branch!

  • For personal membership process to start, please visit a Halkbank Branch Office to sign the Banking Services Contract, with your completed application form, ID card, a second proof of identification (driving license, public transportation pass card, foundation card with picture etc.)
  • Also you can get your internet branch password by using Enter with Card application with your Halkbank debit card or Paraf/Parafly credit card. You can get more detailed information by applying the nearest Halkbank Branch if you want.
  • To start using Halkbank Corporate Internet Branch, just visit a Halkbank Branch office to open a Current Commercial Deposit Account and fill the Application Form. Upon completing the application form, you can choose your preferred transaction options in the Internet Branch and start benefiting from the world of convenience Halkbank offers you. 
  • Halkbank Internet Branch is Even More Secure

Halkbank Internet Branch is Even More Secure with Your Personal Security Settings !

  • In recent years as internet usage began to widespread, a significant increase is seen in the transactions being made through internet banking channel. For this reason, security of services through internet such as shopping, investment and banking has become even more significant. Halkbank which makes big investment in this subject in Turkey, is offering you Internet Branch that is based on safe technology. Halkbank Internet Branch enables you to realize your transactions in an easy and secure way.  
  • Do not click the links in SMS and e-mails that are sent for fraud purposes as if they are delivered from our bank by using the name and logo of our bank and do not click the links in fake social media accounts opened in the name of our bank for your information safety. 

Particulars you should pay attention to while using Halkbank Internet Branch

  • Halkbank absolutely does not request your personal information or passwords through e-mails. If the e-mail you receive is directing you to a site for you to enter your personal information or password, immediately call 0 850 222 0 400 Halkbank Dialogue and give information to our Internet Branch Support Line with no 3 from Internet Branch, SMS, Mobile and Password Based Support Services with no 4 in the Aural Response System.
  • At Halkbank Internet Branch, for best usage, image and top level of security, it is required for you to use Internet Explorer 9.0, Chrome 13.0 and/or Firefox 3.0 upper browsers. For this reason if the internet browser which you use has a version older than Internet Explorer 9.0 (such as 5.0 or 5.5), or older than Chrome 13.0 or older than Firefox 3.0, it is required for you to upgrade your version. 
  • When you wish to enter our Web site or our Internet Branch, enter by writing the page address to your browser again.
  • When you are on entrance page of Internet Branch, make sure that "" is written at address section of your browser.
  • From entrance page of Internet Branch, control to see whether there is lock or not at lower bar of your browser. Make sure that address information seen on the certificate that is opened when it is double clicked on the lock is issued to
  • In order to reach our web site, do not use addresses other than addresses of ( such as,,
  • Do not load programs that are unlicensed or sources of which are not known on your computer.
  • You should load Anti Virus programs on your computer having internet connections and you should update these programs and software regularly.
  • Pay attention not to enter Internet Branch in areas such as Internet Cafes where Internet and computers are commonly used.
  • After completing your transactions at Halkbank Internet Branch, absolutely use “Secure Exit” button.
  • Licensed operating systems should be used and Windows security patches should be regularly applied. For eliminating security deficiencies, “update patches” which are published by software companies should be promptly applied. For Windows, address should be used.
  • In the computers with which it is entered to Internet branch, unreliable programs should not be used (such as free games in internet, file sharing programs).
  • In Instant Messaging –IM applications (such as MSN), file transfers should absolutely not be realized from unknown people.
  • Messages coming from people you do not know should be erased without being opened. Even if they come from the people you know, unreliable files that are in the attachment of incoming e-mails should not be operated.
  • In the computers through which access is made to Internet Branch, “Desktop Firewall” (personal security wall) or “windows firewall” applications should be used. Ports and services not used in these applications should be closed.
  • If ADSL modem is being used for having internet access, passwords of these modems coming as factory settings should be changed during installment. In modems providing wireless net support, entrance to wireless net should be made with password. These modems should be kept as closed while not being used.
  • In order to avoid for harmful codes to give damage to your system, entrance should be made to computers with user authorizations having restricted rights. It should not be operated with System Administrator rights.
  • While entering Internet Branch, virtual keyboard should be preferred while entering passwords.
  • Passwords you use should not be simple and predictable (such as birth date, birthday etc.).
  • Messages coming via e-mail that inform there is content in them regarding money that is gained, which offer easy methods for gaining money and which request for you to update your personnel information should not be clicked.
  • When you enter Halkbank Internet Branch, control your final account movements and call Halkbank Dialogue in case of extraordinary situations.

Planned Cuts

Date Explanation
04.04.2021 Due to the hardware works to be carried out in the infrastructure of our Bank, we will not be able to give services through our Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog channels between 01:30 - 03:30 A.M. on Sunday, April 04, 2021.
22.11.2020 Due to the hardware works to be carried out in the infrastructure of our Bank, we will not be able to give services through our Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog channels between 01:30 - 03:30 A.M. on Sunday, November 22, 2020.
25.10.2020 Due to the hardware works to be carried out in the infrastructure of our Bank, we will not be able to give services through our Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog channels between 01:30 - 03:30 A.M. on Sunday, October 25, 2020.
26.03.2019 Due to hardware operations to be carried out in the SMS services infrastructure of our Bank, our customers will not be able to enter the Internet Branch and Mobile Branch with their SMS password between 02:00-02:30 hours on 27.03.2019.
10.02.2019 Customers will not be able to use Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog services on 10.02.2019 between the hours of 02:00 - 04:00 due to hardware and security improvements in the infrastructure of Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog channels.
14.07.2018 Due to the works that will be realized within context of harmonization of our bank with Registered Gold Transfer System, between the dates and hours of 14.07.2018 18:00-18:30, services will not be provided for gold transactions in Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialogue.