Halkbank ATMs

Thanks to Halkbank’s expansive ATM network all over Türkiye with more than 3000 ATMs, you may carry out your banking transactions 24/7 fast, easy and secured.

All transactions carried out over the Halkbank ATMs without using debit card, credit card and card, are free of charge. (*)

In addition to all banking transactions from ATMs, you may deposit money instantly to your account, and pay your or someone else's credit card debt, and pay your bills, with or without using a card.

The money you deposit instantly gets into your account, your usable credit card limit instantly gets updated and your bills are also instantly paid.

Using ATMs are more practical and a lot easier now; with re-configured menu system and modernized appearance. If you want to handle most of your banking transactions faster and in a more practical manner, Halkbank ATMs welcome you.

(*) Credit Card Cash Advance transactions from ATMs are not included in free transactions. 

Accessible Bank24

At first, Accessible Bank24 project was launched in the year 2011 for our Bank24s to cater for all segments within the society with a more inclusive characteristic in this process which we serve with approximately 3000 Bank24s.

In this context, our first pilot application was launched in May 12, 2011 within the framework of People with Disabilities Week in our Mecidiyeköy branch; in order to provide for individuals with disabilities carry out banking transactions in a convenient and individual way.

With this system, individuals with disabilities may carry out every transaction that may be done with ATMs via Accessible Bank24. Visually impaired individuals may carry out account balance query and cash withdrawal tasks with headphones thanks to a special software that converts text to sound on the active display.

In realizing the Accessible Bank24 project, aimed at providing a proper and goal-oriented service, support was received from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People (İSÖM) and a workshop group consisting of individuals with disabilities.

In this context, in order to provide convenience for disabled individuals to reach service points, it is preferred to use ramps, braille-surfaces and access roads compliant with the standards for people with visual and physical disabilities and individuals with crutches. 

Whether you are a customer of our bank or not, 24/7 service is provided for all card holders, at 116 points for visually impaired people and at 36 points for physically disabled all around Türkiye with Accessible Bank24, as one of the firsts in the industry.

Shared ATM Platform

"Common Point" which we are a member of and other ATM networks in Türkiye decided to unite on October 1st, 2009 and starting from this date, all debit cards and credit cards with Visa / MasterCard logo can be used in all bank ATMs.

With the actualization of this project that enables the common use of ATMs, “Common Point” that we are a member of and ATM sharing projects that we conduct together with Ziraat Bankası will come to an end.

Thus, within the scope of Common ATM platform:

A fee of 25 Kr will be charged for “Balance Display” transactions conducted with Halkbank bank cards on other banks’ ATMs while the 1.25% of the withdrawn amount and 1.25 TL fixed service fee will be reflected “Cash Withdrawal” transactions. 

Halkbank do not charge any fee or commissions while carrying out transactions on Bank24s with other banks’ cards. However, the cardholder bank may collect a designated fee and commission from their own customers. This fee and commission amount will be applicable for all Bank ATMs other than Halkbank Bank24s. 

The Importance of Common ATM Project for Industry:

With this application, capital investments directed to expanding the ATM network across the country will be optimized in a way that caters the needs of all banks and card holders, which is an important contribution to the national economy. ATM investments in Türkiye so far have a value of $1 billion. As current number of 40.000 unit ATMs will operate as 65.000 units of ATM with the system, $500 million will be obtained for national economy. On the other hand, as accessing to cash will get easier, it is expected that bank current accounts will keep cash deposit in higher amounts


  • Do not tell or show your password to others.
  • Do not use numbers which may be easily guessed by others when establishing your password.
  • Do not let others see you as you enter your password.
  • Do not accept any help from others while performing transactions.
  • Remember to take your card back when transaction ends.
  • If your card is lost or stolen please call 0850 222 0 400 or 444 0 400 Halkbank Dialog.
  • If your card is stuck or an unusual incident occurs at ATM, call 0850 222 0 400 or 444 0 400 Halkbank Dialog.

Mobile Teller

Halkbank aims to serve its customers in any case and enable them to reach all over the country for all sorts of banking needs  to fulfill all requirements of universal banking. To this end, we have the following goals in Türkiye:

  • to provide fast and reliable service in emergency cases like disaster, fire, bombings, etc. and so on. 
  • to provide service in the residential areas that Halkbank branches are unavailable, especially intense tourism locations, 
  • to promote and sell our Bank’s products and services at malls, trade fairs, university events, concerts, music festivals, etc. with ATM
  • service as; collection and payment teller on weekdays, while on weekends only limited to marketing activities, 
  • to provide services within the scope of Bordro24 (Payroll24), 
  • and to provide service in the places with intense circulation of people such as hospitals, etc.