Mobile Banking

You can carry out your banking transactions easily with your cell phones/ mobile devices using Halkbank Mobile Banking channel anytime, anywhere. 

You may access Halkbank Mobile Banking channel  by typing the address on the browsers installed on your phone as well as via Mobile Banking application which you may download from the Apple Store and install on your iPhone / iPad. 

Mobile banking channel consists of two parts: one is Mobile Portal which can be accessed by anyone, and the other is the secure Mobile Branch pages that may be accessed with customer number and password to carry out banking transactions. 

On the Mobile Portal, you may access pages that contain latest news about our bank, campaigns, market data, and customer service pages and nearest Branch/ATM applications.

You may carry out your banking transactions via fast, easy and in a secure media with Mobile Branch. Your customer number, password, and one time password will suffice for this purpose.  You may monitor your account details, carry out money transfers and credit card transactions and the payment of your post-paid mobile phone on the mobile branch. Furthermore, you may also follow financial calendar on the Calendar segment, while you can share your opinions and suggestions with the bank on the Söz Sizde (Have Your Say) segment.