While Compulsory Earthquake Insurance and Estate Package Insurance are issued towards estates of which mortgage loan received in exchange for individual credits granted from our bank, it is possible to issue Compulsory Traffic Insurance and Car Insurance for cars taken as collateral, and Credit Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance for the risk of death and accident and Credit Unemployment Insurance and Salary Difference Insurance for undesired unemployment risk. 

On the other hand, it is also possible to issue Life Insurance for our credit card customers in a way in which  they may  determine the collateral limit as they wish  while Life Insurances that cover death and disability options may be issued for customers that do not have a credit relations with our bank and the above mentioned insurances may be issued  for the vehicles owned by these individuals own. 

Optional health insurance for individual customers of our Bank, foreign travel insurance and legally obligatory occupational responsibility insurances and emergency health and critical disease insurances may all be issued in a single policy package as well. 

Within the scope of Individual Retirement System, which aims to create a saving culture based on volunteerism as complementary to current social security system while also aiming to increase the wealth of individuals in their retirement periods by directing their lifetime savings to investment, our initiative Halk Emeklilik Inc. created sale plans of Individual Retirement System for various income based and social groups.