Paraf Business is a special credit card developed for people who spends on behalf of the company. In the country and abroad, when you are buying office supplies for your company or covering the accommodation costs in your business trips, you may pay all the expenses  belong to your business fast and easy with your Paraf Business.

Benefits to Companies:

Provides financial convenience for your company and especially for firm partners that use this card as expenditures and interest expenses can directly be exhibited in firm expenses.

Number of Paraf Business cards to be used in your corporation, spending and cash advance withdrawal limits are determined by you. Thus, you will be the one that determines who can spend how much money in your workplace.

You may check all expenditures made on behalf of your company via account statements sent to you monthly.

You make payments in bulk; and do not struggle with transactions such as advance closure and receipt arrangement. 

You may authorize to withdraw cash or limit your personnel that use Paraf Business.

You may perform repayments of Paraf Business through automatic transfer without having to go to the branch at all.

Benefits to Persons that use it;

Paraf Business users do not have to pay in cash and gets rid of the risk of carrying cash.

Paraf Business card holders may profit from “primeclass” lounge located at Domestic Terminal and TAV Comfort Lounge located at International Terminal at İstanbul Atatürk Airport, and AnadoluJet “primeclass” Lounge located at Domestic Terminal and Comfort Lounge located at International Terminal at Ankara Esenboğa Airport, and transform long waits into pleasure with their guests.

Expenditure on behalf of the company may easily be separated from personal expenditure.

Expenditures made with the card may be examined in detail on the personal monthly statements sent to users.

Your employees who have Paraf Business are set under guarantee up to determined limits against sudden and unexpected deaths and permanent disabilities that might occur at home or abroad.

Lost and Stolen Insurance becomes active as soon as Halkbank Dialog is informed about the lost or stolen card. Halkbank Dialog can be reached at 0850 222 0 400 or 444 0 400

Moreover, Halkbank keeps adding new features to Paraf Business which is developed for the expenditures you make on behalf of your company. Paraf Business users may profit from ParafPara opportunity in addition to discounts and installment options in expenditures they make on behalf of their companies.


  • Special campaigns for Paraf Business holders
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Shuttle
  • Assistance/Concierge
  • Rent/Training/Fees instructions Free of charge and commission
  • HGS installation instructions
  • 3D secure
  • Contactless
  • USD Foreign Statement