Commercial Loans

A) Cash Loans

Halkbank is at your service in cash loan transactions required by commercial life, with its expert Branch and General Management Directorate staff and also convenient maturity, price and collateral conditions for market conditions. Halkbank supports Commercial firms with TL/FX investment/financing products and TL/FX export credit which is for the funding of export by providing spot, revolving, monthly equal installments, periodic installments,  and flexible usage opportunities.
Halkbank also helps its Commercial clients with Foreign Loan options provided by the possibilities presented by financial institutions such as The World Bank, the French Development Agency, the European Investment Bank and the Council of Europe Development Bank. 

B) Non-Cash Loans

Letters of Guarantee

It is the credit application where an unconditional payment of a certain amount is guaranteed with a letter in the case when an obligation cannot be carried out in activities such as delivery of goods, conducting a business or paying a debt within maturity date in the favor of natural or legal persons, both in Türkiye or abroad. In this way, you benefit from cost advantage while carrying out your transaction under the bank guarantee.

According to the nature of the job, periodic or indefinite, for letters of guarantee that can be arranged as TL or FX, commissions are paid according to the rates determined by maturity date and type of the letter instead of interest.

C) Financing of Foreign Trade

Halkbank satisfies the Foreign Trade Financing needs and demands of its Commercial Banking clients with customized solutions and expert staff.
The credit types that our Commercial Firms may use in Foreign Trade Financing are;

Letter of Credit

It is the payment assurance given by the Recipient (superior) to the seller (beneficiary), based on the demand and instruction of recipient up to a certain amount and in a certain maturity date in exchange for the submission of documents in accordance with the conditions projected in the letter of credit. In this way, a kind of guarantee for the parties is ensured, the payment is guaranteed when conditions of letter of credit is met and payment is based on documents.

Acceptance Aval Credit

It’s a letter of credit type that guarantees the fee of goods imported by the importer will be paid to the seller at a certain date. Acceptance credit is a convenience provided by seller to the buyer, and provides time to importer for collection. This credit occurs as the bank accepts the policies that are drawn by its client to the bank. As the policy is accepted by the bank and as bank gives aval, a non-cash credit to the importer by bank is issued.

Eximbank Loans

These are the loans granted for export companies or export-oriented Commercial Firms by Turkish Export Bank Inc. (Eximbank) for developing export. Our Bank provides intermediate trade for the loans issued by Turkish Export Credit Bank (Eximbank). These loans can be used as Turkish Lira or foreign currency, and are subject to exclusions of taxes, duties, fees and funds.

Country Loans

Hermes/Coface/Sace/Erg and likewise institutions are Export Credit Agencies established for providing country loans and promotes the export of investment goods of the country they reside in. ECAs aim to increase the exports made in their country. To this end, they provide mid-term loans to importers abroad for purchasing goods.

Halkbank serves its Commercial clients that will import from these countries by issuing country loans.

Export Credits

These are the loans issued to Corporations that take part in foreign exchange earning activities and sales and deliveries which are considered import or export, for the financing of the export and to cover for the financial need that emerges before delivery, provided that export commitment is met. There are usage opportunities as revolving, spot, periodic installments and equal monthly installments.


Post Financing is actualization of payments of our clients to export firms under letter of credit on sight by Correspondent Bank within the scope of transaction based agreements between Our Bank and Correspondent Banks.

For detailed information about our products, please consult our nearest Commercial branch