Our Vision

Being a pioneer bank preferred by all sections especially by craftsmen, artisans and SMEs by merging the power of our name, which we receive from the PEOPLE, and our experiences that are based on our long-standing history with innovative technologies and digital solutions.

Our Mission

Providing all customers, especially craftsmen, artisans and SMEs with fast, reliable and high quality products and services via the power of the People and its employees, high quality human resources and innovative technologies it has been equipped with, increasing customer satisfaction through customer oriented digital solutions, being the bank of the People that creates high value-added for all stakeholders by supporting the development and advancement of the Country through a sense of social responsibility.

Our Corporate Values

  • Forming “Team Spirit” through the value we attach to our employees, 
  • Increasing customer satisfaction via our customer oriented approach, 
  • Offering fast, safe, and high quality products and services via our rational, creative and dynamic structure,
  • Making a difference in digital banking through our advanced technologic solutions,
  • Being honest, transparent and reliable through the power we receive from our name,
  • Sharing the knowledge and experiences that we have established through our long-standing history,
  • With a sense of social responsibility, participating in projects that are sensitive both to the humans and to the environment,
  • Through our contributions to the Turkish economy, carrying our Country to the future.