What Can We Do to Prevent Air Pollution?

Many of the applications in the center of our lives, especially technological developments, population growth, and industrial activities, cause air pollution directly or indirectly.

The World Health Organization categorizes air pollution as indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution. For example; while the carbon dioxide emission caused by a vehicle during transportation or the exposure of large masses to air pollution, which has been effective for decades after the disaster in Chernobyl, is the subject of outdoor air pollution, production in a closed facility and even consumption tobacco products in an individual's own home is the subject of indoor air pollution. It is called sick building syndrome when human health is badly affected in closed areas that do not meet certain criteria in the field of indoor air pollution and the problems disappear after leaving that area.

According to the World Health Organization's 2016 data, 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe air that does not meet the WHO criteria. Outdoor, indoor or indoor air pollutants trigger this problem. While benefiting from the possibilities brought by technological developments, we can ignore the negative aspects. Of course, as individuals, we are not the main responsible for air pollution, but many practices that we carry out in our daily life without realizing it can cause air pollution directly or indirectly. In this sense, we have compiled the methods you can minimize air pollution for you.

Put air pollution on the agenda.

Local administrations and governments make studies on this issue and announce it to the public. On the other hand, we must be aware of the practices in our daily life. Structural and technical problems that are overlooked in the place we live or in the workplace can cause health problems in the long term. Be a follower of the periodic maintenance of the environments you are in. In addition, when you have any concerns, do not hesitate to share them with relevant people and offer solutions.

Reduce and control consumption.

Look for ways to consume less fuel or use energy resources efficiently. Have thermal insulation applications for indoor spaces. Since environmentally friendly products are becoming widespread, they can be obtained at reasonable prices. You can choose environmentally friendly air conditioners or vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.

Motor vehicle use is among the main reasons we are exposed to air pollutants. Whenever possible, you can make a personal contribution to the reduction of exhaust gas emissions by choosing public transport or non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles and electric scooters. If you are driving, choose new technology electric vehicles or do not forget to fulfill your responsibility to the environment by having your motor vehicle regularly maintained.

Use clean fuel, clean raw materials.

Many countries, especially developed countries, are changing their raw material and fuel preferences to react to air pollution. Various applications have been initiated in many countries, including our country, for the use of solar, wind energy, and geothermal energy instead of fossil fuels. You can follow these applications and look for ways to integrate them into your life.

Remember that a cleaner world is possible and never underestimate what you can do to achieve this.

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