The More Support, The Better Society

We touch all segments of society with the social activities we support.

As a bank, we consider contributing socially and culturally to our society as part of our mission, along with our financial responsibilities. With various events and activities from sports to arts, we strive to improve our people of all ages, especially children.

Our ‘’Halkbank Makes Children’s Wishes Come True’’ project is one of our activities in which we aim to help children reach their dreams. We created a 'Wish Box' within the scope of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which is the one and only children's holiday globally, and we initiated a project that made a tremendous impact across the country to make children's dreams come true.

By working with non-governmental organizations, public institutions, professional organizations, and media organizations, we focus on carrying out social responsibility activities that reflect their values to the future on the issues including environment, culture and arts, education, and sectoral initiatives. We strive to create opportunities for a healthier life through information and awareness campaigns. In 2020, we contributed to nearly 40 cultural activities, sports events, training activities, skill workshops, congresses, organizations, publications, fairs, and award ceremonies.

Among the many activities, we also organize Ahi-order events, which date back almost a thousand years, and emphasize the fair solidarity between tradesmen by highlighting ethical trade. We pay special attention to the events held in Kırşehir and Çorum, as they are closely related to our bank’s business culture.

Furthermore, we are pleased to support intellectual works that speak to our hearts, such as Seyr-i Ahenk music album that reveals the richness of Turkish music, and "Yâ Hazret-i Pir" book written by Prof. Dr. Fatih Özkafa.

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