New Trend in Data Storage: Cloud Computing

It is difficult to fit the data, which is one of the most valuable resources of today, to a certain area… It can be said that it has become impossible to store all our files in the same place except external disks due to the increasing data usage rate. Our desire to keep thousands of photos, downloaded music or podcasts, articles, and e-books together in our gallery is challenging the memory of technological devices. At this point, cloud computing technology comes into play, which saves all kinds of files on a remote server and allows access from anywhere where the internet is available. Cloud computing; the general name of the system that works with the pay-as-you-go system that enables the use of information resources such as data storage, processing power, software over the internet whenever and as desired.

A company that does not use information technologies nowadays has become unthinkable. Even small companies are trying to use tools such as data mining and machine learning to increase their operational profitability and make the right strategic decisions. One of the most important obstacles faced by small companies, especially when implementing such IT projects, is the investment in hardware, in other words, devices. Since generally used applications require high processing power, the initial investment costs of projects are quite high. However, with the increasing use of cloud computing services, it is now possible to realize these projects without bearing these high initial investment costs.

Instead of purchasing the computing infrastructure and necessary software, companies are not only getting rid of the initial investment costs by purchasing these services from a cloud computing company but are also exempt from expenses such as the human resources required for the maintenance, security, and control of these systems.

The scaling facility provided by cloud computing offers companies a great advantage, especially in processes where the need for computing resources varies. For example; if the demand for a service you provide through your website increases only in certain periods of the year, it will be inefficient to invest in infrastructure to meet this demand, as it is needed for a short time. On the other hand, if sufficient resources cannot be provided during periods of increasing demand, this time your website will freeze and customer dissatisfaction will occur. However, it is possible to scale thanks to cloud technology. With the payment as much as is used system, companies reach the necessary resources at necessary times. Service quality is maintained even in projects where demand fluctuates, thus companies gain efficiency and customer satisfaction. In other words, we can say that cloud computing companies act in an economy of scale since they use their computing resources for a large number of customers.

Let's take a look at the services provided by cloud technology companies.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS: Infrastructure as a service):

It forms the basis of information systems such as leasable storage, servers and network. It is the most basic level of cloud computing services. Businesses use IaaS services especially for processes that require scaling, such as website hosting and big data analysis.

Platform as a service (PaaS: Platform as a Service):

It is the next level of cloud computing services. Firms, storage, virtual servers, etc. classified as IaaS. In addition to services such as operating systems, data management systems, software development tools, they can also rent solutions.

Software as a service (SaaS: Software as a service):

Software companies can now rent their applications over the cloud instead of selling them. These software offered as a service are actually cloud computing systems that most of us use in our daily lives. SaaS also has 2/3 of the entire cloud transaction size in volume. With SaaS, the end user company or the person who rents the software connects to the application with a web browser. The user does not need to have any knowledge of issues such as the data management system running behind the application when it runs. For example; many applications, such as your mail account that you use on the web browser, are actually SaaS services.

Cloud computing, which has a volume of over $200 billion as of 2019, is at the beginning of the technology life cycle, although it has been in our lives for a long time. As companies' trust in cloud technology increases, it is expected that they will move more of their computing processes to the cloud and the cloud computing industry will develop more rapidly in the coming years.

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