Halkbank was founded on the ideas of our Great Leader Atatürk, as he said that his happiest day would be the day he sees the small shops of artisans becoming large, modern factories. We are a deep-rooted bank established in 1938 to realize these dreams and have since encouraged the economic and social development of our country. We have had a major responsibility to strengthen the Turkish economy for 83 years.

Our core values shape us to be the only bank of artisans and tradespeople and the leading brand for SMEs. With our responsible banking approach, we always support the real economy to stimulate production, employment, and exports, as we continue to reliably coordinate the incentives that accelerate economic growth. We are working with all our strength to implement financial solutions that will alleviate the impact of the pandemic on Turkish businesses and protect economic activity on global and local scales.

Growing a stronger heritage every step of the way, we serve as a versatile bank with a wide range of services. In addition to SMEs, we provide complete banking services with the products we offer to our corporate, commercial, and retail customers while financing large infrastructure projects such as bridges, airports, and highways that contribute to social welfare and national development.

We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies in our banking activities and even develop our unique technologies along the way. We offer innovative and convenient applications in our branches and ATM devices, as almost all of our bank’s services are now available on the internet, mobile platforms, and telephone. Under the leadership of our Digital Transformation Office, we continue such improvements at full steam.

We carry out all our banking activities as per national and international regulations and norms. We comply with the sanction rules in international trade and always operate our control mechanisms in the most effective way possible. While working with the world’s best companies to offer the best service to our customers, we continue to promote exports and imports with experienced teams and provide financial intermediation services abroad.

Mindful of potential social damage, our bank emphasizes and considers it a social responsibility to fully comply with national and international laws and other regulations related to Sanction Programs and preventing Laundering of Proceeds of Crime, Financing the Proliferation of Terrorism/Weapons of Mass Destruction and Bribery of Foreign Public Officials (SGA/TF).

Besides our financial mission, we are committed to developing our social and cultural capital for our employees and community. Halkbank Sports Club has been competing since 1983 as an integral member of the Turkish Volleyball League. We organize painting and photography competitions and reach out to people of all ages, especially children, with various events and activities from sports to arts. We strive to create opportunities for a healthier life with awareness and public information campaigns.

While fulfilling our responsibilities to our country, we achieve strong results that will set an example for the Turkish banking industry. In 2020, we became the third-largest bank about asset size, which we believe to be a major success criterion. We are also the second-largest bank in the industry in terms of loans and deposits.

Our success lies in the determination, devotion, and diligence of the 23,500 employees in the Halkbank family. 





Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş.

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As one of the strongest and most reliable institutions in the banking sector, Halkbank serves its customers through its branches, offices, private transaction offices, and foreign representative offices throughout the country. Halkbank offers comprehensive financial products and services in order to make the dreams of Turkish investors’ come true.