Halkbank Marks Turkey’s Cultural Heritage

Halkbank has one of the richest painting collections of Turkey.

Contributing to many aspects of economic and social development in our country, Halkbank also marks Turkey's cultural heritage with its art collection. Halkbank’s Art Collection has grown and developed over the years and hosts nearly 1,300 artworks of more than 400 artists who have left their mark on Turkey’s cultural history.

The collection, which includes pieces from various periods of the last 150 years, offers prominent sections from the richness of Turkish culture and art history. From Sultan Abdülmecit to Hoca Ali Rıza, From Osman Hamdi Bey to İbrahim Çallı, From Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu to Nuri İyem, the collection is shaped by the works of artists from different times and movements. And it reveals the development of painting from the classical to the modern era on these lands.

Along with the tremendous Turkish art pieces, there are also the works of many foreign artists that contribute to the Halkbank collection's diversity.

As a precious legacy that the bank carefully preserves for future generations, the collection is published in detail in the specially prepared “Halkbank Paintings Collection” book. The historical origins, development, ideas, and trends of Turkish painting art are explained with the research and evaluations of Prof. Dr. Hasan Pekmezci, Halkbank Art Consultant. The book is also an essential source in terms of underlining the diversity of Turkish painting.

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