The basic SME description we use in our Bank's applications:

An economic unit that employs less than two hundred and fifty staff and has an annual net revenue or any of the financial balance sheet not exceeding forty million Turkish Liras is briefly called "SME."

Recognized for its widespread support to tradesmen, artisans, and many small businesses that form the middle class and the backbone of the national economy, Halkbank is Türkiye’s first and premier bank with dedicated service units focusing on the needs of those segments. Since Halkbank’s priority has always been providing this target audience with loans offered under the most favorable conditions, the bank deserves the distinguished place it has acquired in the hearts of the tradesmen, artisans, and SMEs.

We have also designed a particular website for our SMEs. We aim our SMEs to access every bit of information conveniently from one point via With the "Apply Now" area located on the site, we allow our customers to apply for some of our products easily. We aim to give answers to all questions of SMEs through our consultants’ expert views. And with the SME Academy platform, we enable our SMEs to get free of charge training on topics such as marketing, business administration, accounting, and so on. 

In line with its role of intermediating for tradesmen and craftsmen in cooperative loans, a specialized unit named “Tradesmen Banking” has been introduced to address the needs and demands of these segments, and offer more efficient, diversified, and quick solutions for action.

The SME Banking unit delivers specialized and advantageous loans to small-medium sized companies. These loans are designed after extensive sectoral research and target the main areas that require financial assistance. The product line has one of the most comprehensive loans among Turkish banks, allowing customers to decide and select the most appropriate credit to meet their individual requirements. From short-term working capital loans to long-term financial assistance solutions, Halkbank supports small to medium-sized companies to increase their business capacity, meet periodic financing needs, renovate machinery and equipment, and maintain their business.

Rather than being an institution that only provides credits to SMEs and gives banking service, Halkbank became an institution that also provides financial consultancy, stands behind them in every step they will take to the path of growth, and helps them with all decisions they make. In this sense, through the local chambers of commerce-industry and direct contacts, we deliver our services to SMEs, including corporate social responsibility projects, training, seminars, conferences, and consultancy. Examples from our countless services are The Female Entrepreneur Training program, Energy Efficiency Training and Consultancy, SME Public Academy training on the Internet, Jobs security training pieces.

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As one of the strongest and most reliable institutions in the banking sector, Halkbank serves its customers through its branches, offices, private transaction offices, and foreign representative offices throughout the country. Halkbank offers comprehensive financial products and services in order to make the dreams of Turkish investors’ come true.