Banking Without Disabilities

At Halkbank, we aim to make banking services suitable for the access and use of our disabled customers to facilitate their transactions.

Improvements in our Digital Channels

Our Mobile Branch has been redesigned to be compatible with screen reader programs for our visually impaired customers.

Our Halkbank Internet Branch has been redesigned to be compatible with screen reader programs for our visually impaired customers.

Screen reader programs can read Single-use SMS passwords that are sent for using Internet and Mobile Banking services.

Improvements in our Bank24

Accessible Bank24

We launched the Accessible Bank24 project in 2011 to enable our Bank24s to have an inclusive characteristic addressing all segments of society.

In this context, our first pilot application that also enables disabled individuals to perform their banking transactions easily was launched in our Mecidiyeköy branch on May 12, 2011 - in the People with Disabilities Week.

Which transactions can be performed through this system?

Using Accessible Bank24, physically impaired individuals can perform all kinds of transactions done with an ordinary ATM. Visually impaired individuals can use headphones and darken the screen according to their preferences. Thanks to a particular program that converts the text on the screen to voice, they can also query their account balances and withdraw cash.

Provided facilities

In implementing the Accessible Bank24 project, we received support from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People (İSÖM) on identifying the usage needs to provide correct and purposeful service.


For facilitating the access of disabled individuals to service points, we prefer to use standardized ramps, access roads compliant with visually and physically impaired people and individuals with crutches, and tactile ground surface indicators.

24/7 service

Whether they are our customers or not, we provided 24/7 service at 125 points for visually disabled, 158 points for physically disabled, and 57 points for visually and physically impaired people all around Türkiye with our 340 Accessible Bank24s in total.

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