Productive Turkey Meeting


With the mission to provide financial support to artisans, craftsmen, and SMEs to enable their productivity and contribute to Turkey’s economic development, Halkbank for 72 years, has been committed to fulfilling all the requirements of modern banking and targeting to be the leading SME bank.



As part of Halkbank’s innovative vision, “Productive Turkey Meetings” have been held to inform SMEs about the bank’s new products and services; to discuss local and global economic trends as well as the opportunities they create. The main purpose of the meetings is to meet the artisans, craftspeople, and SMEs which constitute the underlying part of national economy, as well as all the entrepreneurs contributing to the increase in production, investment, and employment in the country.




“Productive Turkey Meetings” are predominantly held in cities with a high concentration of SMEs and fierce competition. Halkbank’s managers from the Corporate and Commercial Marketing, Corporate and Commercial Loans, Micro SME and SME Banking and Loan Policy departments inform artisans and craftspeople about Halkbank’s new products and services. Economists share their opinions on the national agenda, recent economic indicators, regional and industrial problems, and the pros and cons of the local areas the SMEs operate. At the end of the meeting, SME attendees take the floor to have their questions answered and problems discussed and to learn more about issues of interest.


    in Gaziantep, Mardin, Sanlıurfa, and Bayburt in 2006;

    in Adiyaman, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, and Elazığ in 2007

    in Trabzon in 2008

    in Eskisehir in 2009

    in Antalya in 2009 (the 11th meeting, focusing on the tourism sector)

    and in İstanbul 2010

    More meetings are planned for the coming years.

    Rüştü BOZKURT

    Arman KIRIM

    Taner BERKSOY