About Us

Halkbank was founded in 1933 with the aim of preservation of durable economic development, social balance, and social welfare. Influenced with the saying of great leader Atatürk, “My happiness will reach its highest degree on the day I see magnificent factories being built in the places of the small businesses" Halkbank started allocating resources to tradesmen, craftsmen and small business owners and initiating capital accumulation under favorable conditions for 84 years. 


With its social responsibility approach and sense of duty, Halkbank aims to fulfill all banking services effectively, create added value for its customers, shareholders, and over 23,000 employees continuously, contribute to the development of the banking sector and capital markets, and gain a respectable place in the banking industry. Halkbank has managed to become the third-largest bank in asset size, according to the results of 2020.


As a mission-committed, powerful, and reliable bank, Halkbank will continue to support all SME’s, craftsmen, entrepreneurs who contribute to the Turkish economy in the areas of production, investment, and employment with a modern and technological banking approach.

Our Bank in Numbers

Halkbank increased its success throughout the year and reached impactful numbers as of December 2020.

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