Cash Managment

It is the alliance of products and services created for; saving time and labour regarding collection and payment of firms with tech support; eliminating the errors that might arise due to manual transactions; and monitoring forward-looking cash flows. Companies that use Cash Management products are the public and private sector firms that have widespread vendor/procurement network and also have intense collection and payments. 

Actions to be performed are electronically transmitted to the bank by firms, and returns regarding these transactions are reported to firms in the same way. In this way, accounting that belong to Cash Management transactions which are performed by electronic infrastructure support, may be automatically created at firms through the system integration to be established by firms.

Cash Management products may be classified in the following way depending on the purposes of our corporate clients: 

     Collectıon Systems 

     Dırect Debıtıng System (Dbs) 

     Dırect Colectıon System (Dcs) 

     Automatıc Cheque Collectıon (Occ) 

     Automatıc Promıssory Notes Collectıon (Apnc) 

     Publıc Collectıons (Tax/Ssk/Bağkur) 

     Corporate Collectıons (Billing, Training, Donation, Mortar, Etc.). 
    Payment Systems

    Forward Dated Eft/ Transfer System

    Mass And Advanced Eft/ Transfer System 

    Internet Branch Transactıons 

    Perpetual Cheque Prıntıng Programme 
    Reportıng Systems

    Electronıc Statement

    Internet Branch

    Intraday Tl Cash Credıt

    Cash Management Tl Cash Credıt 

    Member Busıness