About Commercial Banking

Halkbank satisfies all needs of medium and large-sized firms in the area of Commercial Banking with privileged products and services within the scope of its foundation mission statement and basic credit principles by ideally analysing markets and sectors that companies are contained in.

Satisfying all sorts of banking needs is aimed within the framework of Commercial Banking with wide range of products and project-based solutions. In order to provide a more efficient and quality service to our commercial clients; our Commercial Branches are deployed in important finance centres and purified of stack and block transactions. Customer Relationship Managers in our Commercial Branches conduct one on one interviews with our Commercial Clients, determine their needs and offer our special solutions with our wide product range. The synergy created by our widespread branch network, which is capable of reaching every point in Turkey, is converted into service in order to increase the commercial efficiency of our Commercial Clients by giving operational support to our Commercial Branches when required.

Our Bank, thanks to its long-term relationships, can monitor the changes in the structures and needs of our Commercial Clients, and helps them to obtain time and funding needs to reach new goals occurring after changes with convenient payment and maturity options, principle of customer satisfaction, high quality services, and project-based solutions.

As Halkbank, we are at the service of our commercial clients with our Commercial Branches     and expert General Directorate staff.