SMS Banking

We offer various solutions for your various needs with Halkbank SMS services.
Halkbank SMS Banking services:

Instructional SMS Services

Instructional Transactions via Halkbank Internet Branch: By giving an SMS instruction via Halkbank Internet Branch, you may enable info messages to be sent to your mobile phone as soon as you carry out predetermined transactions or when cash inflow/outflow occurs into your account. Additionally, information regarding your credit card statement will be sent to your mobile phone with the instructions you give.

SMS and E-Mail Warning Services:

These are the SMS services which you may use if you become  a member of Halkbank Internet Website. You may monitor momentary changes in the stock market, exchange rate movements, or figures in your portfolio via SMS. When your selected data reach your predetermined values on the specified day and hour, they will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS with Halkbank SMS E-mail Alert service.


SMS Services Without Instruction:

These are the SMS services which you may benefit from without having to be a Halkbank customer and without giving instructions. Sending the short text of the information you want to 3401 as a short message will suffice.

Every SMS you send to Halkbank for query purposes and the response SMS sent to you will be reflected on your mobile phone bill as 1 SMS, ad valorem your GSM mobile phone operator's standard tariff.