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Halkbank’s fundamental objective

Blending the strength derived from our past with modern approaches to banking, we continuosly set our sights higher.
To be the country’s leading bank while fulfilling all the requirements of universal banking and being strong in retail products and services as well and to continuously create added value for customers, shareholders, and employees by effectively carrying out all its banking services with an awareness and understanding of its social responsibilities and duties.

Halkbank’s strategies

A Rooted Strenght For The Future...
  • Through effective marketing, provide customers with specially-designed product and service options while also carrying out traditional banking activities.
  • Under the heading of customer segmentation, offer small to medium-sized companies as well as middle and upperincome group retail customers with advantageous products and services.
  • Be committed to a customer-focused, high-quality approach to service.
  • Ensure effectiveness in all critical processes, particularly in the management of credit and financial risk.
  • Achieve productivity in all business processes by means of a rich product line, transaction and system security, rapid high-quality transactions, and competitive pricing.
  • Motivate and support the ongoing development of employees by means of effective career-progress and performance management systems.
  • Ensure that our internal as well as external customers are fully cognizant of our corporate identity.
  • Provide high-quality service in international banking through an extensive network of overseas branches.
  • Further strengthen our position among the sector’s leading banks in terms of number of customers, credit and deposit volumes, size of  assets, and profitability.

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